Building & Remodeling Permits in Milwaukee

If you are doing just about any home improvement or remodeling in Milwaukee that is not a simple replacement, such as replacing a door without changing the size of the opening, you will need a permit from the city of Milwaukee. Certain electrical permits, plumbing permits and HVAC permits are available online at, while other permits require a plan to be submitted and approved by the city of Milwaukee. The purpose of building permits is to ensure dangerous or unhealthy conditions are prevented from occurring due to improper construction or installation. Doing work without a permit is a risk you probably do not want to take. The time and money spent to get a permit is much less than the time and money you will spend if you are caught without one. If you are planning a Milwaukee plumbing, electrical, or remodeling project check out the City of Milwaukee Department of City Development’s Planning & Permits page to learn more about what permits may be required.
For those who live outside the city of Milwaukee, you will need a building or remodeling permit from your particular municipality. Here are some more building permit resources for residents of Southeastern Wisconsin:
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Dealing with Milwaukee remodeling permits is one more reason why many home owners find it more convenient to hire Milwaukee Handyman for all their home remodeling, electrical and plumbing work. Milwaukee Handyman has obtained permits for all types of building and remodeling work in Milwaukee and all surrounding municipalities. To learn more about hiring Milwaukee Handyman for all home improvement and remodeling saves you time and energy, call Milwaukee Handyman today.


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